Akdeniz Foundation Yaşam Hospital

ASV Yaşam Hospital, which is the sixth link of the Yaşam Hospitals Group chain, which has completed its 25th year in hospital, was opened in Antalya Center in 2017 with a capacity of 250 beds.

In the hospital, which is equipped with the most advanced technologies and the most modern devices, consisting of a closed area of ​​26,400 m2; There are 61 polyclinic rooms, 9 operating theaters, 46 adult Intensive Care Units, 2 negative pressure respiratory isolation Intensive Care Units, 23 Neonatal Intensive Care Units, 2 Delivery Rooms, all kinds of medical diagnosis and treatment units in all branches.

Designed and built as a smart building, equipped with the most advanced medical technology infrastructure of Antalya and the Mediterranean Region, 3 Tesla 48 Channel MR, 384 Section Cardiac CT Angio tomography, tomosynthesis digital mammography with the lowest dose program, etc. high-end technological devices are available.

ASV Yaşam Hospital, which was opened with the experience of serving in hospital for more than 25 years; In addition to Private Health Insurance and Bank Members, it helps to solve the health problems of State Institutions, SGK, Pension Fund and Bağkur members within the framework of Social Security Laws, and continues to provide health services at the highest level with a principled and contemporary understanding without compromising ethical values.